Ancient Egypt. A time where Pharaohs ruled over the lands of Egypt, Pyramids were constructed to honour the dead and the great bond that attached the human world to the realm of the Gods, powerful beings who held the fate of the world in their hands. And it was during this era of mankind that a war was being fought.


A secret war.


A race to retrieve powerful weapons, relics of a time past. And now, the Library of Thoth has been opened and a new race has begun. A race for the knowledge written in the Tomes pages, knowledge far greater than any weapon, knowledge of how to command the world and build the greatest constructions ever seen on Earth for both good…and bad.


The secret war is one everyone fought, whether willingly or unwillingly, knowingly or unknowingly, everyone had a part to play in the fight to claim these relics and Tomes.


Most would never know of them, becoming nothing more than myths, tales and legends passed down generations. A few would rise and fall thanks to them, most of the time unaware of what they truly held.

And a select few would wield them, aware of the power and capabilities they held, actively shaping the world, for better…and for worse.


The secret war now brings itself to the home of a young naïve boy and the decisions he makes could change the landscape of Egypt’s present, and its future.


Welcome. To the home of Children Of Thoth (tbc).


The series is made up of TOMES, which are in turn made up of a PAGE, which are what we could call chapters of the story. Now, Thoth is going to be an ongoing written series so each Tome contains the Pages to a specific storyline.


Each time a Tome is to be released, it will be done so by a weekly release of a Page, which may cover half or a quarter of the story. Whatever the case being, you can find it right here, ready to read only on the official home of Thoth.


April 19/04/2014

– Welcome. This is where I’ll post the most up to date important bulletin news concerning COT. This is to let anyone reading know that the series is due to start, very soon. In the meanwhile, look around the site for any upcoming info, teasers, news and keep watching this space as the date fast approaches and the announcement will arrive a week or two before the first publication.


Children Of Thoth, Egypt coming straight to your homes by summer 2014.


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The Official Home Of The COT Series.